Skin Care Routine- Get radiant skin in your growing years

Ageing beautifully is the goal of hopeful, positive millennials everywhere. If you're confused by the seemingly endless array of lotions and remedies out there, you've arrived at the best place. With the guidance of leading dermatologists, we are here to give you a core regimen for your 20s,30s, & 40s, so you can enjoy your whole life long without worrying about acne and skin problems.


All About skin care routines in 20s, 30s, and 40s

Skincare routine in your 20s

While it's difficult to prescribe a typical routine when you take into account how unsteady everyone's skin types and requirements are, most people can manage their skin using a simple routine.

Dr. Sejal Shah, New York Dermatologic Surgeon, and RealSelf Contributor say, "In the morning you should go for cleansing first then you can use some antioxidant serum and moisturiser with an SPF."


An easy but powerful skincare routine for the day and night should be:

Step 1: Cleanse

Wash your face with a mild pH-balanced cleanser like Mixify Unloc Clarifying face wash to eliminate any dirt and your make-up thoroughly. This assures that all of the makeup, dirt, and bacteria are well removed from your skin – you’ll be amazed how much more you can clean with that second wash.


Step 2: Tone: Treat with facial oil or serum 

Depending on your skin type, add an oil control serum and gel a moisturiser toner carrying alpha and beta hydroxy acids for very oily skin to restrain breakouts. For normal to combination skin, apply one with hyaluronic acid. This will help tone your skin and keep it fresh and glowing.

Step 3: Sunscreen and moisturiser

If you ask any dermatologist what quintessential product you need to use on your skin every day, they’ll tell you SPF. We understand it seems like a lot of work, but when you think that 90% of how your skin ages are within your power and are directly connected to sun damage, it’s surely worth it. You can use the Unloc Day and Night cream to have both affects on you.


Exfoliating your face daily is necessary to get cleared of dead cells. It keeps your face fresh, smooth, and glowy and also keeps those annoying blackheads at nook. You can use Unloc Mixify Anti Acne combo which has face wash, vitamin C serum, and day night cream in it.  

Skin care routine after 30

Niz Gautam promotes Unloc

Are you seeing a change in your skin’s condition, texture, or look? Once we’ve graduated into our thirties, our bodies experience certain changes, such as our skin drops some of its firmness or flexibility due to reduced elastin and collagen creation. By swapping out your 20s skin care regimen for a better skincare routine for 30-year-olds, you can decrease the impacts of aging, tackle new hormone-induced concerns, and maintain youthful skin.


Ladies in their 30s should be careful and follow this simple skin care routine:

Step 1- Cleanse

Your face wash should cleanse efficiently without tearing your skin of its natural lipids, writes New York dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum. Mild cleansers from Unloc Mixify are strong enough to extract dirt and grime from the day, without peeling your face of necessary oils.

Step 2- Moisturize

In your 30s moisturizer is a necessity. Whether you have dry skin or combination skin, covering your skincare routine with a moisturizer can promote more flexible, softer, more supple-looking skin. The deal is to find one that hydrates as it approaches your skin problems, whether that’s adult acne, blackheads, developing fine lines, or dryness. 

Step 3- Sunscreen

As many ladies in their 30s are struggling with melasma and require all the sun protection they can get, Dr. Rogers recommends a sunscreen formulated with zinc. Sun exposure is incredibly damaging to your skin, causing skin diseases, photodamage, and creases. To guard your skin against further sun damage, include a regular broad-spectrum SPF into your skincare regimen, and be certain to reapply when outside, as SPF protection fades off after about 80 minutes. You can also use Vitamin C Serum from Unloc Mixify followed by a day night cream which will make sure your skin is protected. 



Chemical exfoliants are efficacious skincare treatments that usually carry acids like AHAs and BHAs. Including chemical exfoliation into your night skincare routine, daily will help promote cell turnover, incite collagen production, increase hydration, and so much more. 


The Ultimate Skincare Routine For Your 40s:

By the time you enter your 40s, you should understand a thing or two about skincare. Hormonal fluctuations are also natural, as your levels of estrogen start to decline, changing the capacity of fibroblasts, which generate elastin and collagen, as well as melanocytes that maintain the skin firm, smooth, and toned. Consequently, your skin becomes less flexible and can start to sag, and as it generates less oil, it can become drier. 


This should be the go-to skin care routine for all ladies hitting their 40s:

Step 1- Cleanse

Apply a milky or creamy cleanser in the morning and night. As long as it's soft, any cleanser is fine, although if you're troubled by irregular pimples, use a face wash with salicylic acid.

Step 2- Serum and Moisturizer

To improve and protect, look for a serum rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C or E, or epidermal growth agents to help stimulate collagen generation, says Jackson. Over that, cover a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 moisturizer. Using Unloc Mixiify Anti Aging serum and moisturizer will help you get the effective result. 

Step 3- Night-time Treatment

It's worth spending a little more on your night skincare regimen for the 40s, says Jackson. Proper use of a prescription retinoid is like creating a deposit. Retinoids increase supplies of collagen and elastin, blocking future sagging. Not only are they anti aging, but they also decrease acne, a gift for women still experiencing breakouts.
Unloc Mixify Day Night Cream is best because it is ideal for day and night both and will give noticeable results. 


Exfoliation is a crucial step in all skin care regimes, but it’s very important for mature skin as it helps improve skin regeneration. By applying a gentle chemical exfoliator daily with AHAs like Unloc Mixify Anti-Aging serum, you’ll increase cell turnover and your radiance. Mild exfoliation can also help lessen the appearance of sunspots and age blemishes, which generally occur due to sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations. 

Final Words

Your diet can influence the appearance of your skin. So, preparing your diet with vegetables high in omega-3 fatty acids like wild-caught salmon, vitamin E like seeds and nuts, and zinc like oysters can better keep your face clear and bright.

Also, while purchasing any skincare product, think of your skin type. This way, you will better understand what all ingredients do you want in a product. So, go ahead and buy products with us to get the luminous confidence on your face.