We can see everywhere that the media is bombarding us with the news that Sulphates and Parabens are dangerous for us. But nobody has ever revealed the actual reason and why now when they have been practiced for so many years?
What are parabens and sulphates anyway? So, here is the real deal why you should check Sulphates-Free, Paraben-Free label first:

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are chemicals

Parabens are chemicals usually used in your makeup, skin-care, hair-care, and personal health products. Their main purpose is to preserve shelf life and stop the growth of bacteria within products. There are many different kinds of parabens you will find upon reading labels: propylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, and isobutylparaben just to mention a few. Basically, any element with the term "paraben" at the end.


What Are Sulphates?

Sulphates come from mineral called pyrites

Not to be confused with "sulphites" seen in red wine, "sulphates" refers to a group of cheap detergents used in soaps and other peculiar products as a grease-cutting or lathering product. Sulphates are usually found in shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, and skincare products as "sodium lauryl sulphate" or "sodium Laureth Sulphate," often abbreviated to SLS or SLES. They are what provide these products that bubbly texture.

Reasons to avoid Sulphate and Parabens in the product

  1. Both the ingredients are harmful for body. 
    Model applying creme
    Studies have revealed that some parabens stimulate the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells. While estrogenic action is associated with some kinds of breast cancer, parabens have been discovered in breast tumors too. Sulphates are harmful because they were determined to break down proteins, which can lead to a degenerative impact on the cell membranes. Sulphates were also seen to leave trash in the heart, lungs, and brain.

  2. Causes skin problems
    Parabens cause skin problems
    They are also connected to irritation of the skin and diseases like dermatitis and rosacea. It also causes allergic reactions in the skin of small children.

  3. Not good for hair
    Sulphates and Parabens aren’t good for your hair. They can cause dryness, soreness, flaky scalp, and also hair loss. Sulphates are excellent at getting rid of the buildup in your hair and the waste that accumulates on the scalp but what it also does is take away the natural oils and leave your hair broken and dry. Researchers have also found that sulphates cause eye injury and blindness in young children, which is why it becomes important to use sulphate-free shampoos and parabens free products on babies and infants.
  4. Balances out the PH level
    One of the main advantages of sulphate-free cleansers and paraben-free skin products, like bergaptene-free bergamot oil, is that it will serve to restore the natural pH stability that was lost with your past skincare treatment that may have damaged or thrown it off balance.

  5. Not safe for the environment
    If you’re eco-friendly, you’ll love the fact that skincare and other goods not manufactured with sulphate and paraben formula are best for the environment. These chemicals are damaging to the environment. In some cases, for the research purposes of these products, the environment has to undergo the experiment.

So, Are there any alternatives? 

Fortunately, yes. It is simple to replace your sulphate and paraben filled products with much more healthful, natural, and eco-friendly options. Now that you know which elements to look for on the label, you can just see for the sulphate-free and paraben-free label on them. Unloc Mixify produces products that are 100% sulphate and paraben-free! So, look no more for the perfect option.

Unloc products are Parraben free

The bottom line

Sulphates and parabens have acquired a bad reputation over the years due to their making process and the story that they’re carcinogens. The most general side effect they may have is the inflammation they cause to eyes, skin, or scalp. Try going sulphate-free and paraben-free for a week to understand if it creates a difference for you. This can help eradicate sulphate as a reason for your irritation. So, go ahead and buy products that are helpful for the environment and you.